Taylor R テイラー

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Spring Home Touches & Haul.MP3

My Boyfriend Gives Rosie A Bath.MP3

My Most Embarrassing Moment In Tokyo & The Treehouse Cafe.MP3

Is My Life Meaningful Now?.MP3

$100 Vs $10 Strawberries From Japan.MP3

I Took A Break Where I've Been Lately.MP3

Street Food In Kawagoe, Japan.MP3

Belle Transformation Beauty And The Beast.MP3

I Bought A Life-changing Thing Today.MP3

A Trip To Kyoto, Japan With My Boyfriend!.MP3

Sharla's Avoiding Me Wait People Are Angry, Warning: Clickbait.MP3

Long Lean Legs & Bum Workout By Taylor R 『テイラー』美脚作り & 脂肪燃焼トレーニング.MP3

Flat Stomach & Tiny Waist Workout By Taylor R お腹やせ&くびれ作りトレーニング.MP3

Reacting To My Old Videos.MP3